As part of the Honors Student Association, Alissa takes several honors augmented courses at Florida State each year. She will earn her Honors Medallion upon graduating, signifying the completion of 18 honors credit hours in the major.

Since beginning her post secondary education, Alissa has made Dean's List Honor Roll every semester.

relevant coursework


  • LIS3353 Technologies
  • CGS2835 Interdisciplinary Web Development
  • COP2258 Problem Solving with Object Oriented Programming in Java
  • LIS2780 Database Principles & Design
  • LIS3793 Information Architecture
  • LIS3201 Research and Data Analysis
  • IFS3037 EHealth Applications


  • LIS3021 Technical Communication for Information Professionals
  • PAD3003 Public Administration
  • PAD4603 Administrative Law
  • PAD4391 Emergency Management
  • PAD4393 Emergency Management Planning & Policy
  • LIS4480 IT Leadership Project