A list of several projects Alissa has worked on through various avenues

Spear the stigma Launch fsu

The Spear the Stigma project is a ground-up social campaign aiming to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness so that University students can seek professional help or counseling without fear of judgement. Phase 1 of this initiative utilizes primarily promotional marketing and social media, and phase 2 will increase the platform through events and eventually extension to other college campuses. Social Entrepreneurship is very important to me, and I am especially lucky to have been accepted to work within the LaunchFSU program.


i know where your cat lives UROP fsu

As a member of this elite and selective program, I had the opportunity to shadow an tenured professor as he completed his independent research project, assist him through each step of the project, and design my own research project for future completion.

My mentor professor, Owen Mundy, and I completed our project, called I Know Where Your Cat Lives, which was a data experiment that visualized a sample of 1 million public pictures of cats on a world map, locating them by the latitude and longitude coordinates embedded in their metadata. The cats were accessed via publicly available APIs provided by popular photo sharing websites, pointing to the ease of accessibility of mine-able "big data" in our world.

Through this project, I experienced first hand the step by step process of a research project and the development and realization of a Kickstarter campaign for web hosting funding.


The 2014 final reveal

The 2014 final reveal

DM15 Sigma delta tau, Theta chi, garnet and gold guides Dance Marathon fsu

As a dancer representative, my co-leaders and I led a team of nearly 250 dancers to raise over $100,000 for Dance Marathon FSU to contribute to the overall amount of $1 million raised through the entire FSU Dance Marathon 2015. We coordinated fund raising efforts such as a share-it night with a local restaurant, a banquet-style buffet dinner, and a car wash. My co-leaders and I met weekly with the other dancer team representatives to plan events and share progress with the membership and finance chairs.